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The "Green Cross Society (GCS)" is a non-profitable, non-Government organization registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. With its broad objectives of Socio - Eco- Development, education, public health, animal welfare and other awareness activities. The society is dedicated to the welfare of the Nation and World as a whole.

The sologan of the society is "World is our Home". Like at home we need so many things for the progress of life. Like that we can also work for the poor people for their benefits and upliftment of socio-economic status in the society.

The organization is a multi dimensional disciplinary NGO. The organization proposes to invest all its resources for Environmental Developmental Programmes , Educational Programmes, Public Health, Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Programmes, Self Employment and Training Programmes and other Awareness Programmes with a view to benefit the society specially for the poor .

We strongly believe that the need for different societies are different so we will first analyzed the need of the people of the target group. On that basis we will develop work strategies and implement it in the Society

Green Cross Society & itís History :

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There are some like-minded people who are dedicated and determined to do something for the National and Global development. All these people met at the nicest environment of Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. Inspired by the Scientists and Engineers who are working for the Environmental developments activities, the group of eleven people who met and discussed that "whether only Environmental issues can solve the whole problems of the people" ? The Answer is No. So we people started thinking for that and surveyed more than 20 villages of Dehradun and other less developed areas and analyzed their needs. It was found that only Environmental issues can't satisfy the poor people. They need Employment, Good Roads, Electricity, Good Medical Care to improve their livelihood. So we decided to work on multidimensional issues i.e., on Education, Environmental, Public Health issues and also Self Employment and Awareness issues so that people can get education, employment and other benefits. The objectives, rules and regulation were made and resolutions passed on 3rd March 1998.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarakhand) allow us to perform the activities in whole of India. We got the registration on the 2nd May 1998, under societies registration act XXI 1860. Thus our progressive works began systematically.

In a very short duration, the organization gained immense popularity due to its continuous activities in various aspects of Environmental issues like pollution control, plantation of fruit trees, waste management, plantation on degraded land etc. In Animal Welfare, Education and Self Employment section we did so many works that earned us immense popularity in the society. This was possible due to sincere activities undertaken by a well organized team of workers including eminent advisors, other experienced persons, young volunteers duly encouraged by the guidelines of the managing Committee

With the passage of time we divided our working areas in Eight different sections so to maintain a proper and systematic work environment.

  • 1. Governing Board
  • 2. Advisory Council
  • 3. Internal Audit Section
  • 4. Information & Communication Section
  • 5. Finance Section
  • 6. Human Resource Development
  • 7. Marketing and Fund Raising Section
  • 8. Projects Section
  • With the full efforts of the above seven sections the Project Section run successfully by the members

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